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Pure Villain Chapter 67 Release date and summary

Fans of the series can’t wait to see what happens next after discovering that Jung Jin is the real imposter. They’re eagerly anticipating the release of Pure Villain Chapter 67.

Recap and Teasers for the Upcoming Chapter

In this new chapter, we’ll not only reveal the release date but also take a closer look at what occurred in the last chapter. It’s going to be interesting to see how Rosa and Han Doryung handle the situation in future releases. We’ll also spill the beans on the internet’s spoilers and provide a reading guide.

Revelations in the Last Chapter

In the opening of the last chapter, Jung Jin drops a bombshell on Rosa. He reveals that the Special Police Headquarters has a sinister purpose: to eliminate everyone with special abilities, starting with Han Doryung.

As the chapter unfolds, Rosa becomes suspicious of Jin’s claims. She believes something is off with him and worries that Han might end up getting arrested if things continue this way. To prevent Han from using his powers recklessly, Rosa approaches him and pleads with him to stop. However, when Madam learns that Rosa is near Han, she warns him to stay away from her. In a surprising twist, Han activates his legs and jumps away.

Rosa’s Heroic Act

After Rosa successfully stops Han, the people present cheer for her, hailing her as their savior. However, some wonder if Han’s actions were intentional.

Rosa’s Dilemma

As the chapter progresses, Rosa faces a dilemma. She worries that if she stands by Han, people will misunderstand him. To avoid this, she teleports back home and changes her appearance so she won’t be recognized if she decides to take action.

Rosa’s Unsettling Transformation

When Rosa tries to intervene and stop Han from attacking buildings, her strange appearance terrifies onlookers. People begin to wonder if they’ve heard her voice before.

Credits: AC QQ

The Confrontation

In a tense moment, Rosa encounters Han again and attempts to halt his actions. However, Han surprises her by launching an attack. Rosa questions his hidden strength and grapples with the challenge of subduing him while being observed by a crowd.

A Risky Move

When the situation escalates, Rosa grabs Han, leaps out of a building, and questions if he wants to die. However, she begins to doubt her actions as it becomes apparent that he can’t hear anything. Despite her reluctance, Rosa realizes that her only option is to knock him out.

Chapter 65 Release Date

Pure Villain Chapter 65 is set to be released on September 11, 2023. Get ready for another thrilling installment!

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