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“Princess Summoning the Monster” Chapter 7

Are you a fan of “Princess Summoning the Monster”? Well, get ready for some great news! Chapter 7 is coming out next week, on September 21, 2023. This manga is a fantastic fantasy romance story created by Ja Eunhyang and Lon, with beautiful illustrations by Team Hansobae. Let’s dive into what’s been happening in the story so far!

Recap of Chapter 6

 (Credits: Kakao)

In Chapter 6, our main character, Armonia, encounters a wyvern in the Walter Forest. The wyvern has an egg that Armonia has never seen before. She tries to trick the wyvern into leaving by pretending to give the egg back to its mother. But things get complicated when other monsters, including Commander, show interest in Armonia.

Surprisingly, the wyverns start to trust Armonia and believe her story about the egg. This trust helps her chase the wyverns away. However, it’s clear that the human commander has ulterior motives for being in the forest.

Unexpected Connections

During a surprising encounter, one of the wyverns recognizes Armonia as a member of the Walter Forest. This leads to a temporary alliance, even though they’re on opposing sides. It seems that historical ties to the forest play a role in their decision.

 (Credits: Kakao)

This encounter highlights the ongoing conflict between humans and forest creatures. Wyverns are naturally scared of humans, so when Armonia and her new friends arrive, they flee. As Armonia and her group decide to leave, they’re left with more questions than answers.

A Quiet Moment

The story then shifts to a quieter scene. Despite being hungry and tired, Armonia and her companions sit around a fire and discuss their situation. They jokingly talk about their stomach problems, which lightens the mood. They cook food over the open flame for a tastier meal.

 (Credits: Kakao)

As they head towards the Herb Village, they reflect on their challenges and experiences. Armonia becomes aware of her debt to someone and some mysterious keys she doesn’t remember taking. They decide to stick together and stay in their room overnight.

Looking Forward to Chapter 7

Readers of “Princess Summoning the Monster” can look forward to more moments of friendship, tension, mistrust, and unexpected connections in Chapter 7. The ongoing conflict between humans and forest creatures continues to unfold. Stay tuned for the release of Chapter 7 on September 21, 2023, to see how the story progresses!


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