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Prepare for the Next Adventure in Legend of the Holy Sword Chapter 8

Great news for fans of the series! The highly anticipated Legend of the Holy Sword Chapter 8 is set to be released very soon. After the shocking revelation that the soldiers’ injuries were caused by Dirt Magic during their journey, fans are eager to see what unfolds in the upcoming installment.

But before we dive into the new chapter, let’s take a closer look at what happened in the previous one so that we’re all on the same page. We’ll also delve into the mysterious Dirt Magic and explore some potential spoilers that have been circulating online.

Chapter 7 Recap and Review:

In the last chapter, the commander reaches the battlefield only to discover that the warriors didn’t survive long enough for him to call for reinforcements. There’s no one left alive. Upon inspecting the soil, they realize that Dirt Magic is to blame. The Earth has been polluted by Black Mana, and Dark Magic has a special property that pollutes its surroundings. It appears they’ve defeated the elves and ventured further.

As the commander questions if the Old Man is a Dark Mage, he’s told it’s unlikely because the Old Man is considered a great hero. When asked to explain, they share that individuals who have rotted professionally often cosplay as homeless. Since the Old Man was once the master of the Great Holy Sword, he’s considered the greatest of the “rotten pros.”

However, the conversation takes a dark turn when the commander asks if the Old Man is a warrior. Realizing he’s revealed too much, the soldier draws his sword and kills him. He explains that it was a secret he couldn’t allow him to take back, as he despises those he deems pathetic.

Moreover, it seems the intel about the Old Man cooperating with the Wrath King is true, leaving questions about how much further the intel will lead.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 8: What to Expect:

In the upcoming chapter, we’ll find the Old Man holding a hostage in a cart. When he starts shouting, he seeks help from his teammate to remember a spell that can silence people, but it seems age has taken its toll on his memory.

Meanwhile, a masked individual comments that the Old Man is being lenient by letting them live instead of killing them. He believes the Old Man’s sense of justice is still alive.

The Old Man reveals that he can’t harm these individuals because the young girl is his friend’s baby daughter and is like family to him. He’s been going easy on her because of their connection.

Chapter 8 Release Date:

Get ready for the next chapter in the adventure! Legend of the Holy Sword Chapter 8 is scheduled to be released on September 13, 2023. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

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