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Pokémon in the Latest Episode of Pokémon Horizons

In episode 28 of Pokémon Horizons, there was a surprising twist involving a little-known ability of the Psychic-type Pokémon, Bronzor. This unexpected turn played a crucial role in unveiling the truth behind a villain’s scheme and securing a confession.

The Antique Dealer’s Deception

The story revolves around main characters Roy and Liko, who bring an Ancient Poké Ball to an antique dealer connected to Liko’s grandmother. Unfortunately, the dealer deceitfully swaps the rare ball for a fake one, planning to sell the original to a high-paying buyer. This sets off a chase as Roy and Liko try to recover the valuable Ancient Poké Ball linked to the legendary Black Rayquaza.

(Credits: TV Tokyo)

Capture and Confession

Despite the villain putting all the heroes’ Pokémon to sleep, the tables turn thanks to the efforts of Captain Pikachu, Friede, and Liko’s grandmother, Diana. In a dramatic climax, Diana teaches the swindling dealer a lesson by having him attacked by his own Pokémon. Here, Bronzor’s unexpected ability comes into play, leading to a confession and the restoration of the Ancient Poké Ball.

How Bronzor Reveals the Truth

Diana, using her knowledge, grabs the Bronzor and polishes its back surface to a reflective sheen. When she flips it around, the glossy face reveals an image of the dealer as a young man, chasing his dreams. This unexpected vision exposes the man’s true feelings, leading to a confession and resolution.

The Creative Twist

The revelation ties back to Bronzor’s Pokédex entry, which notes that polishing its surface makes it reflect “the truth.” Despite Bronzor’s dislike for polishing, this act allows it to read the viewer’s inner thoughts and emotions, reflecting their genuine hopes and dreams.

Preserving Pokémon Lore in Pokémon Horizons

This creative usage of an obscure Pokédex entry adds depth to the storyline, paying homage to the lore-building tradition in the original animated series. Unlike earlier episodes in Pokémon Horizons, this one cleverly incorporates Pokédex lore, surprising long-time fans and adding a nostalgic yet imaginative touch to the show’s adventure-driven spirit.

(Credits: TV Tokyo)

Conclusion: A Nostalgic Yet Imaginative Dive into Pokémon Lore

This episode’s unique twist reaffirms that there are still surprises within the expansive Pokédex library. The use of Bronzor’s reflective powers not only weaves Pokémon lore into the narrative but also delivers a positive message about finding goodness even in flawed characters. This nostalgic yet imaginative approach to Pokémon world-building is sure to delight long-time fans, keeping them eager to discover what other obscure entries might come to life in future episodes.

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