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Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine Chapter 21 Release

“Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine” is an exciting adult fantasy manga created by Bam Olenji and beautifully drawn by Kim Green. In this story, we follow Jasmine, who has been dealing with Duke Aion’s one-sided love and a life-changing accident. Duke’s feelings for Jasmine grow, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Chapter 21 Release Date
The highly anticipated Chapter 21 of “Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine” is set to be released this weekend, specifically on September 16, 2023.

Chapter 20 Recap
In Chapter 20, we witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions as the main character grapples with Jasmine’s bold declaration of feelings. The story begins with a sense of unease and reflection, as unusual events leave the main character feeling puzzled.

The Main Character’s Reaction
Upon learning of Jasmine’s confession, the main character is thrown into confusion and self-doubt. They struggle to believe that someone could feel so strongly about them, reflecting their anxiety about unexpected developments and Jasmine’s courage.

A Misunderstood Conversation
The ensuing conversation between the main character and Jasmine is marked by discomfort and misinterpreted emotions. Both are unable to express their true feelings, and the main character starts reminiscing about Richard, known for his friendly nature.

Credits: Ridi Books

Richard’s Role
The main character is captivated by Richard’s kind and polite response to the situation. It remains unclear whether Richard still holds feelings for Lilly despite being engaged to someone else.

Concerns for Jasmine’s Health
Jasmine’s health becomes a topic of discussion, and the main character worries about how Jasmine will react to their emotions.

A Glimpse of Hope
As the conversation continues, the main character realizes this is the first time they’ve seen Richard truly happy. This moment, filled with worry, underscores the fragile nature of their budding friendship. However, there’s a glimmer of hope when Richard admits he’s not romantically involved with Lilly.

A Funny Twist
The chapter takes an unexpected humorous turn when Richard suggests they take a bath together. This adds a layer of complexity to Jasmine’s desire for friendship and companionship, along with the emotional ups and downs.

Chapter 21 promises to bring further developments and surprises to the story of “Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine.” It’s a tale of intricate relationships, emotions, and unexpected twists, making it an exciting read for fans of the genre. Be sure to mark your calendars for its release on September 16, 2023!

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