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Please Divorce Me Chapter 39

Eunchae’s Special Effort for Jin Wook
Eunchae couldn’t believe she fell in love with Jinwook. It was something she never expected in her previous life. She used to think he was only good-looking, but now she noticed how beautiful his skin was. She got embarrassed when she found out he was awake as she admired him.

 (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Jinwook told her she slept really well and asked if she knew they were a couple. Eunchae assured him she knew, and he even remembered her confession word for word. He told her not to doubt their relationship, and she wondered why. Jinwook explained he was afraid it was all a dream and he didn’t want to lose her.

Eunchae reassured him it wasn’t a dream and promised to keep telling him how much she loved him. She declared that he would be the only one she loved until the end.

A Heartwarming Visit
The next day, Eunchae and Driver Kim visited the columbarium. Eunchae decided not to blame Jinwook and Driver Kim’s brother for the accident. She understood it wasn’t intentional and knew Driver Kim’s brother had suffered enough. She hoped he could find peace wherever he was.

Eunchae believed life was too short to hold grudges and wanted her grandfather to rest in peace. Later, she went out for drinks with her friend and texted Jin Wook about it. He seemed uneasy about her meeting with her friend Su Yeon.

Release Date for Chapter 39
Exciting news for fans! Please Divorce Me Chapter 39 will be released on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

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