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“Please, Divorce Me: A Love Story”: Chapter 40

“Please, Divorce Me” is a sweet love story that started in May 2023. It’s easy to follow and great for those who love romance.

(Credits: Kakao)

The story is about Eun-chae and Jin Wook. Eun-chae was happily married until a tragic accident changed her life. But she gets a second chance at love.

Eun-chae and Jin Wook meet at a restaurant and make a unique deal about their relationship. Eun-chae wants to stay free, but Jin Wook wants a divorce, not from marriage but from the deal.

(Credits: Kakao)

In Chapter 39, Jin Wook finds Eun-chae drunk and takes care of her. She starts saying strange things, and they get intimate until she says something surprising. The next day, Eun-chae can’t remember what happened, and Jin Wook invites her to the place where they made their deal.

In Chapter 40, we can expect to see them spend more time together. Eun-chae’s behavior raises questions about her true intentions. Is she hiding something? Will they continue their temporary love? Find out on October 3, 2023, when Chapter 40 is released.

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