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Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – A Simple Explanation

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Introduction

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a famous series of movies about pirates, and it’s most popular because of Captain Jack Sparrow. The fifth movie in the series, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” came out in 2017. Here, we’ll tell you what happens in the movie.

The Plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 5

A young guy named Henry Turner goes to find his father, Will Turner. Will is cursed to be on a ghostly ship called the Flying Dutchman. Henry thinks that a magical thing called the Trident of Poseidon can free his dad from this curse.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

Henry goes looking for Captain Jack Sparrow to help him find the Trident. But Captain Jack has his own problems. A spooky guy named Captain Salazar wants to kill Jack, and he’s after him.

There’s also a smart lady named Carina Smyth, who knows about the Trident too. She and Jack join forces with Henry to find it.

The Adventure Begins

Jack and his crew run into some trouble, and they meet Carina. They also lose something important called a compass, which leads to more trouble. This allows Captain Salazar and his ghostly crew to come back to life.

The Hunt for the Trident

Carina uses her father’s diary to figure out where the Trident is hidden. Meanwhile, Captain Salazar chases them, and they end up on an island.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

Jack and an old pirate friend, Barbossa, discover a surprising secret about Carina during their journey. They finally find the Trident and try to use it to break the curses.

The Battle for Freedom

A big fight happens, and Henry gets captured by Captain Salazar. But Jack and his friends manage to break the Trident, which brings back Captain Salazar’s crew to life.

But there’s a problem. Breaking the Trident causes a huge wave, and they’re in danger. Jack and his friends use a clever trick to survive.

The Ending

After all the action, there’s a scene with Will Turner and Elizabeth sleeping. They have a strange dream about Davy Jones, a spooky character from earlier movies. It’s a bit unclear, but it suggests that Davy Jones might be back.

Davy Jones and the Mystery

Davy Jones is a pirate who made a deal to become immortal but had to do a tough job. He could only step on land every ten years. To free someone from this curse, you had to stab their heart.

(Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

In the movies, Davy Jones made a deal with Jack Sparrow, and they had many conflicts. Eventually, Jack wanted to become the new Captain of the ghostly ship, the Flying Dutchman, and stabbed Davy Jones’ heart.

So, it’s a bit strange that Davy Jones might be back. Maybe there’s a new power at play, and it’s a mystery for future movies.


“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is an exciting adventure movie with pirates, curses, and unexpected twists. The story revolves around the search for a magical Trident that can break curses, but it also hints at the return of a famous pirate character, Davy Jones.

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