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Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline: They’re a Couple!

Pete Davidson, who’s 29 years old and a star on Saturday Night Live, and Madelyn Cline, who’s 25 years old and known for her role in Outer Banks, are now officially a couple. We heard this from a few different sources. But when PEOPLE asked for their thoughts on this, neither Pete Davidson nor Madelyn Cline’s spokespersons got back to them.

Pete’s Recent Love Life

Just a while back, Pete Davidson broke up with Chase Sui Wonders in August. They’d been dating for less than a year. Back then, someone told PEOPLE that Davidson was no longer in a relationship. It was also mentioned that he’d spent some time in rehab. But now, he’s doing well and even did a comedy show in Florida.

Pete’s Known for Dating Famous People

Pete Davidson has a history of dating well-known people. He’s talked about how people being so interested in his love life made his time on SNL less enjoyable. During an interview on the Real One’s podcast, he said he’s had many relationships because he’s in his 20s, and that shouldn’t be a big deal. He’s been in showbiz for a long time, around 14 to 15 years, and he’s been on national TV. During those years, he’s dated ten people, which he finds pretty normal, and not all that exciting.

He’s been in the news for dating famous women like Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, and Cazzie David. He explained that he didn’t go looking for these relationships; they just happened while he was working.

No Slide Into DMs

Pete Davidson also clarified that he didn’t send or receive any direct messages (DMs) from anyone. He said it’s not great when suddenly, you become a part of popular culture for reasons unrelated to your work. It can be pretty frustrating.

Madelyn Cline’s Relationship History

As for Madelyn Cline, she was last known to be dating Zack Bia after breaking up with her Outer Banks co-star, Chase Stokes, in November 2021.

Even though they’re not together anymore, Madelyn Cline and Stokes continue to work together as love interests on the Netflix show. They’ve made it clear that their personal relationship doesn’t affect their professional work. Cline mentioned that they’ve always supported each other when it comes to their work on the show. Their professional relationship started before their personal one, and their goal has always been to make the show even better.

Madelyn Cline expressed her happiness and pride in the work they’ve done this season and praised her co-stars for their incredible talent and professionalism. She emphasized that no matter what happens in their personal lives, they’ll always respect their work. Their commitment to this remains strong this season.

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