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Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 50 Coming Soon!

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ve been waiting eagerly for the next chapter. After a two-month break following the end of season 1, the manhwa is finally back.

In this upcoming chapter, something special is happening. Seonhu and Yeonhee are teaming up for their first-ever S-Rank quest, which is a big deal.

But, there’s a catch. They’re entering a new and mysterious dungeon, and no one knows what dangers lurk inside. Can Seonhu survive this perilous journey? We’ll find out soon!

Recap of Chapter 49: Action-Packed Moments

In the previous chapter, Seonhu meets up with John Clark to deal with an awakened individual. Seonhu wastes no time and takes down the threat swiftly. It’s clear that Seonhu has been chasing this person for over three years!

Seonhu is worried about the safety of their agents, but John assures him that despite the resistance, they managed to handle the situation. There’s even talk of a billion dollars involved.

However, Seonhu can’t help but recall a report from Mick that suggests John has been acting suspiciously. Trust is a big issue here.

In a secluded area, things take a surprising turn. John offers a cigarette, Seonhu declines, and then something shocking happens involving Odin’s wrath.

Credit: Kakao

Snipers witnessing this are terrified, but Seonhu keeps them in check. The story then shifts to Cheney, who is reluctantly involved in yet another battle due to his child’s medical bills.

Cheney’s superior has a tempting offer, and they take him to a secret place housing “Cat’s feed,” which seems to be related to awakened equipment.

Back to Seonhu and Yeonhee, they enter a D-rank dungeon. Yeonhee uses a quest item, but it doesn’t go as planned. Seonhu quickly deals with a stealthy monster and senses something more significant ahead.

They follow a mysterious creature deeper into the dungeon, with Seonhu warning Yeonhee to stay alert because this is an S-Rank quest linked to “Doom Entergausto.”

Chapter 50 Release Date: Mark Your Calendar

The next chapter, Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 50, will be released on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 10:00 PM JST. Get ready for more thrilling adventures in this captivating series!

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