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Outcast’s Guild Chapter 7 is Coming!

Are you looking forward to the next chapter of “Outcast’s Guild”? It’s a fantasy world with magic and swords where your skills and powers are everything. In this story, we follow a powerful adventurer named Aizen who graduated from the Guildmaster Training Academy. However, there’s a big problem in this adventurer world – they are kicking out adventurers from their guilds.

The reason for this is a new device that can measure a person’s combat abilities accurately. Many adventurers with low stats, including Aizen, were expelled from their guilds because of this. Aizen strongly disagreed with this new way of evaluating adventurers and believed it was a bad measure.

In response, Aizen decided to start his own guild, known as the “Outcast Guild.” He rejected the status scouter and wanted to create a place where adventurers could thrive regardless of their stats.

About “Outcast’s Guild”

“Outcast’s Guild,” or “Youkoso Tsuihousha Guild,” is a Japanese comic written by Mesopotamia and illustrated by ARAKI Yuusuke. It falls under the genres of Action, Fantasy, and Shounen. The series started in 2021 and is published by Fujimi Shobo. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been licensed in English.

Now, let’s find out when Chapter 7 of “Outcast’s Guild” is coming out, but before that, let’s have a quick recap of Chapter 6.

Credits: Mesopotamia and Dra-Dra-Flat b, Fujimi Shobo

Recap of Chapter 6:

In the previous chapter, Aizen wanted to create his own guild for outcasts, but the guild headquarters receptionist rejected the idea, calling it foolish. However, things took an interesting turn when Aizen met the headmaster of the guild. The headmaster seemed intrigued by Aizen’s proposal and offered him a deal: if Aizen could capture the notorious Grand Zeft, he would consider his request.

What to Expect in Chapter 7:

In the upcoming chapter, we can anticipate Aizen’s quest to find and subdue the Grand Zeft, a bandit group led by an A-rank adventurer named Hugo. This promises an action-packed and thrilling adventure.

Release Date for Chapter 7:

Get ready! “Outcast’s Guild” Chapter 7 is set to release on September 16, Saturday, 2023. Mark your calendars for this exciting continuation of Aizen’s journey in the fantasy world of swords and magic.

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