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Oshi no Ko Chapter 126: My Brother Loves Me So Much!

In this chapter of Oshi no Ko, we have some exciting developments. Ichigo is back at work in the Strawberry production business. This is great news for fans of Aqua and Ruby.

What Happened in Chapter 126

The chapter begins with Miyako bringing Ichigo back to work. When Aqua and Ruby see him, they are surprised, not because they haven’t seen him in a while, but because Miyako had given him a bit of a beating, and he had some bandages on his face.

Miyako introduces Ichigo as a part-time worker in the company and announces that there will be some major changes in everyone’s schedules. While Miyako is explaining these changes, Ruby approaches Ichigo to talk to him. Ruby smiles and tells him that it seems his discussion with Miyako went well.

Ichigo humorously points out that she can tell by looking at her face and imagining how their discussion went (he got beaten by her, after all). He goes on to reveal that it wasn’t a chance encounter with Miyako at the shop; it was Aqua who called him to meet at the shop. But when he arrived, instead of Aqua, he found Miyako there.

Ruby, after giving it some thought, gets excited, believing that Aqua did all this just for her, which means her brother loves her a lot. She finds everything he does cute, and this moment is cherished by fans who support Aqua and Ruby’s relationship.

(Credits: @JackTmagician on Twitter)

Aqua’s Surprise and Concern

Ruby understands that, as a doctor, Aqua has a habit of preparing surprises without consulting those around him. Despite some quirks, she finds her sensei (Aqua) really cute and kind.

The story then shifts to Miyako and Ichigo at the office. Ichigo is busy arranging Ruby’s schedule on a laptop. While working, he tells Miyako to keep an eye on Aqua because he might break down at any moment, or perhaps he already has. Miyako is taken aback by this revelation.

In the final panel, we see Aqua standing on the balcony looking depressed, with a crow beside him.

Release Date

Oshi no Ko Chapter 126 will be released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

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