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Osananajimi to wa Romcom ni Naranai Chapter 56″

In Chapter 56 of Osananajimi to wa Romcom ni Naranai, we’ll see how Eiyuu deals with his little sister on Christmas evening. Runako is really determined to get his attention, and she’s not giving up. But that’s not surprising because she’s competing with other girls her age who spend a lot of time with him.

Two of these girls are Eiyuu’s childhood friends, and they really want him to be their boyfriend. They’re not trying to share him; they just want a fair chance. At the beginning of the series, they weren’t very competitive, but that’s changing.

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As they spend more time with Eiyuu, he’s getting more attention from others, and the cast of characters is growing. New characters are being introduced, and they’re interested in Eiyuu because he’s a nice guy.

In the previous chapter, Chapter 55, we learned about Runako and how she met Yonosuke. Yonosuke was like a big brother to her when she was sick and lonely. She had no friends until she met him in the hospital.

But over time, her feelings for him have turned romantic, and she wants to be in a romantic relationship with him. Yonosuke is uncomfortable with this idea because he doesn’t want to be seen as having a sister complex (Siscon). Still, he agrees to go on a date with Runako, even though it’s a bit risky for him.

The rest of the chapter is about Runako’s efforts to make Yonosuke see her as more than just a sister figure and fall in love with her. She’s frustrated because there are limits to what she can do and say. It’s challenging for her to express her feelings.

In Chapter 56, and in the upcoming chapters, the girls are making the most of the Christmas season. Runako has already taken Yonosuke aside and convinced him to spend the day with her. But the other girls will enter the picture and make sure things don’t go too far with Runako.

(Credits: Pocket)

Although they didn’t appear in the last chapter, they won’t stay away for long. None of them can stand by and watch Yonosuke being taken away. Given that the main character is quite easygoing, it’s almost as if they’ve been watching from the shadows, waiting for the right moment to intervene and possibly spoil the day for the new girl who suddenly appeared.

Osananajimi to wa Romcom ni Naranai Chapter 56 is set to be released on October 6, 2023.

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