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“Operation True Love Chapter 79:

In the next chapter of the Manhwa series “Operation True Love,” we will follow the conversation between two characters, Ra-im Yoo and Su-ae Shim. Su-ae is concerned about Ra-im Yoo’s upcoming music competition. Ra-im Yoo, before heading to her room, reassures Su-ae and promises to give her best in the competition.

Later in the chapter, we’ll see a conversation between two characters, Dohwa Baek and Eunhyeok Go. Eunhyeok suggests that Dohwa should come inside to get his clothes, but Dohwa is too shy and hides his face with his helmet.

(Credits: Naver)

Chapter 78 of “Operation True Love” is filled with excitement and focuses on character development. The chapter opens with a beautiful image of Eunhyeok Go enjoying some fruit, possibly as a treat for fans or to highlight his character.

For those eagerly awaiting Chapter 79 of “Operation True Love,” you’re in luck! We have the official release date and will also provide you with the latest spoilers and information on where to read it.

Operation True Love Chapter 78 Recap

The previous chapter begins with a lovely image of Eunhyeok Go enjoying a strawberry, which may have been a special request from fans or a way to spotlight his character.

Su-ae Shim, a character in “Operation True Love,” receives a notification on her phone about her latest chapter upload. While in the bathtub, she anxiously waits for a response, wondering why there hasn’t been any action yet.

In the next scene, Su-ae Shim is in her bedroom, working on her computer, trying to find signs that Eighteightone 88 has read her chapter. She discovers that Eighteightone 88 had visited her page, but this time, there were no comments. She questions whether her suspicions about Eighteightone 88 being Marang’s CEO were wrong and begins to believe that he is just an ordinary reader. Time will tell the truth.

Su-ae Shim is disappointed with herself for possibly creating an unsatisfying ending, whether Eighteightone 88 is a CEO or a fan. She vows to meet Marang’s CEO at any cost.

Later, it is revealed that Eunhyeok Go has been supporting Su-ae Shim from the beginning, and they engage in a heated argument with Marang’s CEO. She pleads with him to grant her request in exchange for a suitable ending.

After successful negotiations in her thoughts, she is seen walking with Eunhyeok Go.

Ra-im Yoo’s Music Competition

Ra-im Yoo and Su-ae Shim have a brief conversation, where Su-ae expresses concern for Ra-im Yoo’s music competition the next day. Ra-im Yoo appreciates the kindness but suggests that Su-ae shouldn’t worry about these things and promises to do her best.

The chapter ends with Dohwa Baek going to Eunhyeok Go to pick up dry-cleaning clothes, and we also see a small conversation between them.

Release Date for Operation True Love Chapter 79

Mark your calendars because “Operation True Love” Chapter 79 is set to be released on Friday, September 22, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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