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Home » Operation True Love Chapter 78: The Final Chapter of Shim Sooae’s Manhwa

Operation True Love Chapter 78: The Final Chapter of Shim Sooae’s Manhwa

Introduction: In this chapter of Operation True Love, Shim Sooae is determined to write the last chapter of her manhwa, even though the Marang CEO threatened to harm her once it’s finished. It seems he’s so captivated by her story that he doesn’t want it to end, but Sooae chooses to complete it anyway.

Raym’s Misleading Actions: It appears that Raym may not know Eunhyuk is her half-brother, so his words might be unintentionally misleading. Nevertheless, Raym’s actions, like hurting herself for attention, are quite extreme and unsettling.

Raym’s Behavior and Motivations: Raym’s behavior is described as crazy and attention-seeking. There’s a possibility that she’s trying to make Minwoo feel guilty, especially since she previously slapped him in earlier chapters. However, her actions might also be driven by the absence of Eunhyuk during that time.

The Dark Side of Marang CEO: The story is returning to the Marang CEO and Sooae’s relationship, which is both exciting and concerning. It’s remembered that the CEO threatened to harm Sooae when her manhwa was completed, creating a sense of suspense and tension.

Appreciating the Art: The author’s drawing skills are highly praised, even when only the silhouettes of the characters are shown. The black ver members are considered attractive, even without revealing their faces.

Release Date of Operation True Love Chapter 78: Fans of the romance manhwa can look forward to Chapter 78, and its release date is set for Friday, September 15, 2023, PT.

Chapter 78 Spoilers and Theories: One reader has a theory about the Marang CEO’s preferences, suggesting that he tends to favor the second male lead qualities, which is why he’s interested in Dohwa. This theory explores the CEO’s possible motivations.

Saving Dohwa: The CEO’s interest in Dohwa may be related to his desire to protect him rather than harm him. This could be linked to Dohwa’s role as the center, even if other members may have higher popularity scores in other groups.

Sooae’s Strategy: Initially, it was thought that Sooae might try to befriend the CEO since they both share an interest in Gray. However, considering the CEO’s indifference to this, it’s unclear if this approach would be effective in the story’s context.

In this chapter of Operation True Love, we delve into the complex relationships and motivations of the characters while eagerly anticipating the release of Chapter 78 on September 15, 2023.

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