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Once Wicked Always Wicked Chapter 33 Coming Soon

In this chapter, we’ll tell you everything about the upcoming Chapter 33 of “Once Wicked, Always Wicked” before it’s officially released. But first, let’s find out what this story is all about.

The Story

This story follows the life of Camilla and her not-so-great fiancé. He used to cheat on her without feeling any remorse, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. It was because of the old Camilla. The new Camilla, however, had a fantastic life. She was doing well at work and was even about to get a promotion. She had bought a house, though she had taken loans for it. She thought her life was going great until one day, she died and got reincarnated as the fiancée of her not-so-great fiancé.

Chapter 32 Recap

In Chapter 32, we learned that Archduke Calliet hadn’t been visiting his house for a while. He was as cold as ever and wanted answers. The lady had sent many messages, but Archduke Calliet had rejected them all. She suspected Camilla’s involvement with Valtuna and wondered if Camilla had known about Yusria’s true identity all along.

Archduke Calliet assured her that Camilla had nothing to do with Valtuna, but the lady wasn’t entirely convinced.

Credits: Pocket Comics

A Deal is Proposed

The lady then offered Archduke Calliet a box with a shining bracelet inside. Instead of opening it, he asked her what she wanted. She proposed a deal.

Archduke Calliet requested a thorough investigation of the bracelet. If it proved that Miss Elchasis had no connection to Valtuna, he would acknowledge the lady’s efforts in trying to stop Valtuna.

Tea Time with Lady Kabelan

Meanwhile, Lady Kabelan invited Camilla over for tea. She tried to win Camilla’s favor, claiming she did things for Camilla’s sake. Camilla, as usual, handled the situation wisely.

Chapter 33 Release Date

Chapter 33 of “Once Wicked, Always Wicked” will be released on September 18, 2023.

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