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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 176: Dokja and Sooyoung Enter the Black Castle

In this chapter, we’ll see Dokja and Sooyoung going into the Black Castle’s second floor. They’re about to face a tough enemy.

Meet the Fierce Second Floor Boss

On this floor, they encounter the main boss, who seems to be one of the strongest enemies in the story. He doesn’t hesitate to attack, even cutting down the Beauty Queen’s subordinates.

Chapter 175: Sooyoung and Hyunsung’s Encounter

This chapter begins with Sooyoung freeing Hyunsung from her clones. However, Hyunsung is so shocked that he nearly faints when he sees Dokja.

Hyunsung’s Weakness to Women

The system reveals that Hyunsung is weak when it comes to women. One of the Pinkies, Seo Ina, approaches Dokja and eventually reveals his real name, Kim Youngpal.

Credit: Naver

Dokja’s Decision About the Pinkies

Sooyoung questions why Dokja is sparing Kim Youngpal, a member of the Pinkies who are known to be bad guys. Dokja believes they can change and explains that they originally had three members, but two died early in the game. Youngpal is considered the kindest among them.

Dokja’s Plan and the Dokkaebis

Dokja plans to clear the scenario again, even though it’s dangerous. He mentions that despite the despair, it’s still not enough to satisfy the Dokkaebis, who always seek a more provocative story.

A World of Clichés and Plagiarists

Sooyoung criticizes the world they’re in, calling it filled with clichés, including returners, reincarnators, and now demons. Dokja teases her by adding that there are also plagiarists in this world.

Sooyoung’s Curiosity and Dokja’s Knowledge

Sooyoung wants to know more about the world and looks at Dokja. Without words, she conveys her curiosity about the world since Dokja has read the entire story.

Credit: Naver

Tentaccio, the Second Floor Boss

The focus shifts to Tentaccio, the main boss of the second floor, and his scenario.

Major Spoiler About Han Sooyoung

In the last chapter, Dokja hints at a major revelation about Han Sooyoung. He asks her why she would create this world if she were the author. In a surprising twist, it’s revealed that a future version of Sooyoung is the true author of “Ways to Survive an Apocalypse.”

Chapter 176 Release Date

Chapter 176 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint will be released on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at midnight JST.

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