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Oh My Beloved Concubine Chapter 105

In this chapter of “Oh, My Beloved Concubine,” Dora rescues a child from a bad situation. She and her maid return to the palace with the child. At first, Dora’s mother is upset about this and wants to kick the child out. But Dora insists that the child should stay.

Eventually, Dora’s father agrees to let the child stay in the palace. Now, Dora has two people to take care of.

Release Date for Chapter 105

You can expect to read Chapter 105 of “Oh, My Beloved Concubine” on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The chapters are released weekly.

Credits: IQYI

What to Expect in Chapter 105

In the next chapter, you’ll see Dora taking care of the child she rescued. This child becomes one of Dora’s maids, and Dora’s influence and responsibilities continue to grow.

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