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Home » Ochikobore Kuni O Deru ~ Jitsuwa Sekai De 4 Hitome No Fuyo-Jutsu-Shidatta Kudan Ni Tsuite Chapter 33

Ochikobore Kuni O Deru ~ Jitsuwa Sekai De 4 Hitome No Fuyo-Jutsu-Shidatta Kudan Ni Tsuite Chapter 33

In this chapter, Zinc, Ian, and Marina sneak into Nazahr. Ian, a skilled fighter, defeats all the soldiers except one. Zinc confronts this last soldier, who’s been involved in some bad stuff. The soldier offers to spill the beans in exchange for his life. Zinc agrees to listen.

The soldier tells them where stolen goods from the house of Nonland are hidden. He also wants to work for Zinc again, but Zinc can’t trust him and takes him down. They follow the soldier’s lead and find the stolen items in a cave.

Among the loot, they discover a rare Sending Box, which can send messages to anyone. Zinc plans to use it to contact Count Brand. They decide to keep half of the goods and donate the rest.

Heading to Rosarita

Afterward, Zinc, Ian, and Marina head to Zinc’s house in the Capital of Rosaria, only to find it destroyed. Zinc isn’t bothered since he has no fond memories there. He thinks about selling the place but needs Ester’s approval. Ian uses the Sending Box to get Ester’s permission.

Credit: Square Enix

Meeting with Friends

Zinc and his crew leave Rosarita and visit Pablo, where they meet up with friends Chris, Louis, and Roy. They also inform Count Brand about the found goods and are told to wait for Ester and Dan. Zinc rests at a lodging house with Ester.

Ester’s Troubles

Ester shows Zinc his father and grandfather’s skulls. He had to battle them because a Necromancer had raised them from the dead. Zinc comforts Ester and reminds him to deal with them as their living relative.

Continuing the Journey

Zinc learns about “Reaper Princess” fans from Dan, then takes Ester, Marina, and Ian as they continue their journey toward Sancourt.

Chapter 34: What’s Next

Chapter 34 will be released on Friday, September 22, 2023, at midnight JST.

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