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New Developments in Jinx Chapter 36

In Jinx Chapter 36, the story takes an interesting turn. The last chapter left us with Heesung leaving Kim Dan, and this new chapter introduces a fresh arc in their relationship. It’s all about the connection between these two characters, with no third parties getting in the way.

A Surprise Revelation

Something surprising happens when Jaekyung realizes he has feelings for Kim Dan. This realization was brought about by Heesung, who openly expressed his feelings to Kim Dan when saying goodbye. Despite Heesung’s emotional struggles, the author chose to be kind to him in the end.

Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

New Characters and Possibilities

We also see the introduction of new characters in this chapter, Potato and Heesung, who might play a role in bringing the main characters together. The story is far from over, and there are many chapters left for these characters to develop.

Recap of Chapter 35

Chapter 35 started with Kim Dan wondering if someone had entered the room, even though he was blindfolded and couldn’t hear well. Jaekyung assured him that no one would disturb them at that hour, leaving Kim Dan puzzled.

The Next Day

The following day, Heesung confessed his feelings to Kim Dan, revealing his shoulder injury and his desire just to see him. Heesung looked exhausted and had bags under his eyes from the shock of what he had witnessed. He also advised Kim Dan to pay attention to Jaekyung’s feelings. He bid Kim Dan farewell and wished him a bright future. Heesung thought Kim Dan was too good for Jaekyung, as Jaekyung had also developed feelings for MMA fighters.

Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

What’s Next?

Chapter 36 will focus on how the news of Kim Dan’s injury becomes public knowledge. The likely culprits are the hospital staff who conducted his check-up. Only Kim Dan and Jaekyung’s coach knew about the shoulder injury, and they are known for keeping secrets.

The Future of the Story

The story of Jinx has been full of surprises and twists, making readers eagerly anticipate each new chapter. It’s natural to wonder if the author will continue to surprise us in the upcoming chapter or play it safe. With so many possibilities in manhwa stories, we’ll have to wait and see.

Release Date

Jinx Chapter 36 is set to be released on October 12, 2023.

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