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New Chapter Part 2 of Attack on Titan:

“The Super Popular Manga and Anime Attack on Titan” is a big deal. The original manga ended in April 2021 after 11 years. Some fans didn’t like the ending, and some did. But one thing is clear: Attack on Titan was a massive hit. Now, after over two years, the creator, Hajime Isayama, wants to revisit this famous world. A surprise new chapter is coming soon, and no one knows what will happen.

Will this new story make disappointed fans happier or create more divided opinions? One thing we’re sure of is that any return to the world of Attack on Titan will get lots of interest and speculation. Isayama is taking a big step, reopening a story that many thought was over. Fans all over the world are anxiously waiting to see where this extra chapter will go.

Why Some Fans Didn’t Like the Ending of Attack on Titan?

Some fans had issues with the ending of Attack on Titan. They thought it didn’t make sense in some parts. For example, Levi was badly hurt but somehow survived when he probably should have died earlier.

 (Credits: Hajime Isayama)

The plan Eren had all along was to make himself seem like the enemy of the whole world, similar to what Lelouch did in Code Geass. Mikasa is the one who ultimately kills Eren, but Armin gets credit as the hero who saved the world. Some fans found this confusing.

There were also problems with the original Ymir’s character. She had Stockholm syndrome and strangely loved King Fritz, who was her oppressor. It was odd that Mikasa’s love for Eren somehow freed Ymir from her attachment to King Fritz, making the Titans disappear from the world forever.

A kiss from Mikasa ending the era of the Titans didn’t make much sense to some fans. It seemed like the author was trying to create an emotional ending without thinking through all the logical implications.

Eren erased the Eldians’ memories of an important conversation he had with Armin about the Rumbling plan. But then it turns out that Eren loved Mikasa all along, which felt like pointless fan service in the climax of the story.

When Eren died, the Eldians suddenly remembered the conversation he erased. Despite Eren killing many people, the Eldians now praised him as a hero. This selective memory change seemed too convenient and hard to believe.

The story tried to redeem a character who had caused a lot of harm in service of a romantic subplot between Eren and Mikasa. This didn’t fit well with the serious events in the story.

The final scene took place three years later, with Mikasa at Eren’s grave. A bird landed by her and fixed her scarf, and Mikasa thought it was a sign that Eren had been reincarnated as the bird. The ending didn’t provide a satisfying resolution to the story’s themes and plotlines. It felt rushed and focused too much on a forced romantic subplot.

What’s Coming Next in Attack on Titan?

A new chapter of Attack on Titan is coming. It will be part of the 35th volume titled “Attack on Titan Volume 35.” This chapter, titled “Bad Boys,” will be 18 pages long. It’s not a standalone release but will be bundled inside the franchise’s first official art book called “The Fly,” set to launch on April 30, 2024. Fans are eager to see where the story goes next.

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