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Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits Chapter 31: Andrias’ Father and the Mysterious Tree

In this chapter, we’ll discover more about Andrias’ father and the strange tree we saw in the last chapter. It turns out that Andrias’ father was a dark mage, and he left behind some powerful magic stuff for his family. Unfortunately, this magic also caused a lot of trouble for them.

Andrias’ Father’s Dark Deed

Andrias’ dad used to work for the king and was asked to do something shady: steal or find something called the “Original Sin.” After he got it and hid it away, he told the king he’d completed the mission. But instead of being rewarded, the king just killed him on the spot to keep the mission secret.

Later, Andrias’ mother was killed too, and their family’s history was erased from public records. This left Andrias with a huge problem: trying to reclaim his family’s home. The king was after all the “sins” to become immortal, and Andrias’ dad had been ordered to grow a special tree from a seed.

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The Mysterious Tree

This tree was unique and known as the “Original Sin.” The king already had the seed, but no one else in the world could make it grow. So, Andrias’ dad had to join some dark magicians to learn the secret. He succeeded but then rebelled against the king, leading to his death.

Andrias’ Mission

Andrias managed to get their family house back rather easily, and it was cheaper than he expected because the sale of the house had been forbidden. Someone wanted him to buy it back himself and find his dad’s magical inheritance.

The Power of the Tree

This “Original Sin” tree is the only one of its kind in the world. Andrias is about to get a major power boost from it. He can even command the creatures it creates to go far from him and still obey his orders. No other necromancer in this world can do that, except for some ancient monsters with tons of mana.

So, Andrias is about to become incredibly powerful, thanks to this unique tree and its magical abilities.

Release Date

You might be wondering when Chapter 31 of “Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits” will be out. Well, it’s scheduled to be released on Sunday, September 17, 2023, PT.

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