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Home » Nano Machine Chapter 177: Wang Jing Faces a Powerful Foe

Nano Machine Chapter 177: Wang Jing Faces a Powerful Foe

Wang Jing challenged cult leader Cheon to a fistfight. Now, readers are excited to see what happens next. They want to know if Wang Jing will win or lose against Cheon.

Wang Jing was surprised because Cheon’s energy had become much stronger. It made him wonder if Cheon had some extraordinary inner energy.

By looking at Cheon’s energy, Wang Jing realized that he had become much stronger than before. Cheon’s inner energy was surpassing Wang Jing’s, which surprised him. He couldn’t believe that Cheon was going into uncharted territory.

Wang Jing thought they were witnessing the birth of a powerful person. Everyone noticed that Cheon was reaching a new level of strength, and Sanghwa asked everyone to stop.

The soldiers were worried because they heard a big explosion and felt incredible energy.

Sanghwa told everyone that Cheon had achieved enlightenment. It was hard to believe, but Sanghwa said they shouldn’t interfere and asked everyone to back off.

Wang Jing asked the divine doctor about his daughter’s condition. The doctor said the dangerous cold qi in her body had gone down.

The doctor decided to take her to the medical hall to check on her and keep an eye on her symptoms. Wang Jing was relieved to hear this. He didn’t want to go with the doctor because he was just happy his daughter was alive. He asked Madam Divine to take care of Yogun and told Bun to go with the doctor to help.

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Bun was worried about his father, but Wang Jing assured him that he would be fine. He was planning to settle his debt with cult leader Cheon.

In the next chapter, we see that Wang Jing is doing fine, while the cold qi is causing problems for others. Mun Ku is grateful that Wang Jing is guarding Cheon.

Mun Ku notices that Cheon’s energy is changing, and they see that Cheon’s skin is reacting. It turns out Cheon is going through a body reconstruction process, which is the second time he’s done it.

They are surprised to witness this process in person. Cheon’s old skin comes off, revealing his new body underneath.

Everyone is speechless because his new form is incredibly beautiful. Cheon’s energy is so strong that even the supreme master is scared. But Cheon is in control, and his energy is now like that of a regular person.

Mun Ku wonders if Cheon has reached a level where he can freely control his inner and external energy.

The next chapter, Chapter 177, is expected to be released on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

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