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Home » Nano Machine Chapter 172: Yeon Woon Faces Unrivaled Sword Wang Jeon

Nano Machine Chapter 172: Yeon Woon Faces Unrivaled Sword Wang Jeon

In this chapter, we find Yeon Woon, the main character, talking to Unrivaled Sword Wang Jeon. Wang Jeon came to the heavenly demon cult looking for his children but ended up accidentally killing some guards.

Wang Jeon’s Mission

Wang Jeon believed that his kids were kidnapped, so he entered the cult to seek revenge. However, his daughter is actually under the care of a skilled doctor. So, a fight might not be necessary, and if it does happen, Yeon Woon is likely to win.

Yeon Woon’s Strength

Credits: Naver

Yeon Woon’s father was also part of a powerful group, the Great Five. Yeon Woon has already proven himself to be just as strong, if not stronger. He’s currently taking control of the swords due to Nano, giving him more precise control than any regular person.

Equal Opponents

In this chapter, Unrivaled Sword Wang Jeon and Yeon Woon seem evenly matched, but Yeon Woon has an advantage because of Nano.

Credits: Naver

What Happens Next?

In the next chapter, we’ll see if Yeon Woon fights Wang Jeon for killing his men or if he guides him to his daughter, who is being cared for by a skilled physician.

Release Date of Chapter 172

Nano Machine Chapter 172 will be released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, PT. If you’re a fan of this weekly manhwa, mark your calendar!

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