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My Little Brother Is The Academy’s Hotshot Chapter 49

In just a few days, Chapter 49 of the manhwa “My Little Brother Is The Academy’s Hotshot” will be coming out, and we’re all eager to know what happens next. The last chapter left us hanging as Rudd collapsed, and we’re left wondering about his fate. Let’s catch up on the story so far.

Rudd’s Tough Journey

The story follows Rudd, who has faced a lot of hardship. He lost his brother and many friends in a battle with a powerful dragon king. Now, he’s on a mission to slay all dragons, starting as an academy cadet. His ultimate goal is to take down the strongest dragon, the Seventh Dragon.

Chapter 48 Recap

In Chapter 48, things took an unexpected turn. Just when it seemed like Rudd had no way to win his fight against a dragon, he used his own blood as a weapon, surprising everyone. It turns out his family’s blood is toxic to dragons, giving him a unique advantage. He managed to save Damian, who had a dragon residing within him, and then collapsed from exhaustion.

Rudd’s Inner Struggles

Throughout the story, Rudd has been haunted by the loss of his loved ones more than the fear of dragons. His comrades encourage him to stay safe during battles.

The Dragon’s Fate

The dragon he fought against realized something was wrong when it started choking on Rudd’s blood. Unfortunately, Rudd had to kill the dragon within Damian, leaving everyone mourning Damian’s assumed death. But Rudd couldn’t let Damian die because of the dragon, so he used his divine sword to bring Damian back to life, at the cost of his own energy.

What to Expect in Chapter 49

In Chapter 49, we can look forward to Damian waking up and learning about the recent events. Rudd is weak but slowly recovering after his intense battle.

Release Date

Chapter 49 will be released on September 15, 2023. Get ready for more exciting developments in this gripping manhwa!

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