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“My Lifetime Husband Refuses To Divorce Me”Chapter 39

“My Lifetime Husband Refuses To Divorce Me” is a story about a woman named Sasha and her husband, Lord Volkov Pavel, who is very possessive and controlling.

Who is Lord Volkov Pavel?

Lord Volkov Pavel is not a nice person. He uses bad words and even hits people. Despite being only twelve years old, he has a bad reputation in the Empire for being a troublemaker.

  (Credits: Naver)

Recap of Chapter 38: A Strange Feeling

In the previous chapter (Chapter 38), we saw that Lord Volkov Pavel was still a kid when it came to love and romance. He felt weird when he saw Sasha in a romantic way.

Sasha’s Concerns

Sasha couldn’t understand why Lord Volkov Pavel acted this way. She was worried about him because she knew that he would grow up and eventually have a romantic relationship with someone.

Nikolai’s Idea: Giving Gifts to Cheer Someone Up

Sasha liked the idea of giving gifts to make Lord Volkov Pavel feel better and open up to her. This idea came from a man named Nikolai.

A Surprising Turn of Events

But something unexpected happened. Lord Volkov Pavel did something strange. He burned all the books that Nikolai had given him as gifts. He didn’t just refuse the gifts; he threw them into the fire.

  (Credits: Naver)

What’s Next?

Now, Sasha is wondering what to do next. It seems like Lord Volkov Pavel doesn’t want to talk or open up. What will she do?

Chapter 39 Release Date

Chapter 39 of “My Lifetime Husband Refuses To Divorce Me” will be released on September 14th, 2023.

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