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My Husband Changes Every Night Chapter 37: Spending a Special Night in a Mansion

In this chapter of “My Husband Changes Every Night,” the main characters, a man and a woman, decide to spend the night in a fancy mansion as part of their adventure. They’re on a mission, but they also need some rest and relaxation, so they’re having a luxurious night out.

Exploring Themes from Earlier in the Story

This story began with the female lead being sold to a terrible tyrant. However, this tyrant has a secret – he becomes kind and gentle during the moonlit nights and craves love and affection. The female lead has been taking care of him, and now she’s like a motherly figure to him. What’s unique is that the male lead is determined to protect her because the world’s god has declared her the most important person.

Credits: Naver

Recap of Chapter 36

In Chapter 36, we saw the female lead causing some problems, and there’s a question about why she hasn’t improved her skills despite being in this world for a while. The story also touches on how fantasy stories struggle with character competence and world-building, which can sometimes seem unrealistic.

Chapter 37 Spoilers

Chapter 37 will focus on the male lead keeping a close watch over the female lead. He has two sides: a ruthless tyrant and a caring protector. We’ve seen his gentle side recently, but now his tyrant side might emerge again. There will be some new characters introduced, but their role seems mainly to provide a setting for the main characters. However, it’s possible the tyrant is keeping an eye on them.

Release Date for Chapter 37

You can expect to read “My Husband Changes Every Night” Chapter 37 on September 16, 2023.

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