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My Boss’s Perfect Wedding Chapter 2 Release Date!

In this cool comic story called “My Boss’s Perfect Wedding,” we’re going to talk about Chapter 2 and when it’s coming out. It’s all about a secretary who has a secret crush on her boss. To make things even trickier, she’s been given the job of finding a bride for him!

Meet Su-Yeon and Her Crush

 Credits: Kakao Page

Su-Yeon has been working for the Taesung Group for four whole years. Her job? She’s the personal secretary to the big boss, President Tae Mu-Jin. But here’s the twist: Su-Yeon has a massive crush on Mu-Jin. She thinks he’s the most perfect guy in the world.

So, she works super hard, doing everything from making his coffee to planning his meetings. But then, something crazy happened. Her boss got a special task for her, something totally different from her usual job.

The Ultimate Challenge

The Chairman of Taesung Group dropped a bombshell. He said Mu-Jin had to get married in just five months! They’ve even picked out the wedding place and paid for it. But here’s the kicker: Mu-Jin doesn’t want to get married at all, let alone find a bride!

Now, guess who has to solve this dilemma? You got it, Su-Yeon! Imagine having to find a bride for your crush. It must feel like a rollercoaster of emotions for her, but she has no choice but to try.

Recap of Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, things were going as usual at Taesung Group. Su-Yeon started her day by giving Mu-Jin his coffee and telling him about his schedule. But then, out of the blue, she got a call from the hospital. It turned out her dad was really sick and had to be admitted urgently.

 Credits: Kakao Page

She asked Mu-Jin for time off, and he said yes. Later that day, Mu-Jin surprised Su-Yeon by coming to the hospital. He skipped a blind date just to be there. He told her that he wouldn’t go on any more dates and declared a “strike” until further notice.

What’s Next in Chapter 2?

In Chapter 2, we’ll find out what’s really going on with Su-Yeon’s dad. Is it a serious situation or something less worrisome? We might also learn more about Su-Yeon’s family and how they’re connected to all of this.

The chapter ended with Mu-Jin talking about going on “strike.” We’re not sure exactly what he means, but it probably has something to do with not wanting to get married. We’ll get the full scoop when Chapter 2 comes out.

Chapter 2 Release Date

So, when can you dive into Chapter 2? It’s expected to be released on or around October 5, 2023. Mark your calendars, and get ready for more twists and turns in this exciting story!

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