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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39:

The popular MTV show, The Challenge, is about to start its 39th season. Some exciting news has come out about this season. They’re already filming the second season, and Season 39 brings a fresh change from the previous season, Ride or Die, which didn’t get a lot of love from fans.

In the last season, Devin Walker and Tori Deal won for the first time after competing in many seasons. But even with this new dynamic, people didn’t enjoy it much. Many folks on social media were unhappy with the show always relying on the same old winners and veteran players.

But the 39th season of The Challenge could be different. It’s called “Redemption,” which is not the same as the earlier rumors about a “New Blood” theme.

What’s Happening in Season 39
According to some spoilers, Chauncey Palmer is the next one to leave the competition. He’s up against James Lock from The Only Way Is Essex, a reality show, and James wins, sending Chauncey home.

This elimination stage happens before the veteran players join the game. After a few episodes, the male veterans like Brad Fiorenza, CT Tamburello, Darrell Taylor, Devin Walker, and Jordan Wiseley enter the tournament but don’t compete yet. They only play if someone gets eliminated. Female veterans like Cara Maria Sorbello, Laurel Stucky, Tori Deal, Kaycee Clark, and Kaz Crossley are also joining as mercenaries.

The Daily Challenge
An advanced look at one episode showed the competitors working together to remove 23 balls from the water in just 23 minutes. They must build a human ladder to place their balls with their names inside a chute. If they can get all the balls, they’ll add $50,000 to their prize money. The cast decides how to divide the job.

In this challenge, some cast members swim to get the balls and give them to those building the human ladders. Jay Starrett said, “You’re not going to create this ladder if you don’t place the people correctly.”

(Credits: MTV)

Trouble for Chauncey Palmer
In teasers for Episode 2 of Challenge Season 39, it seems Chauncey Palmer is having a tough time. In one clip, he’s talking to Jay Starrett about forming an alliance, but it’s clear they don’t trust each other.

Jay says, “I’m watching out for you,” but Chauncey thinks American players should stick together. Jay tells the camera that there’s a 50/50 split between American and international players this season, and they don’t know about a U.S. alliance. He has a few close friends in the game, but he also has three foreign players working with him.

Chauncey finds it hard to trust Jay’s friendly attitude, saying, “Right now, it appears that I have numerous affiliations with Americans. Thus, I’m merely attempting to accompany them.”

Upcoming Spoilers
In the upcoming episodes, it looks like there might be some romance, an argument that puts two players in the spotlight for elimination, and someone trying to fix things after leaving an alliance.

Release Date and Where to Watch
Episode 3 of The Challenge Season 39 is set to air on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. You can catch it on MTV.

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