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MF Ghost Episode 3: What’s Next for Kanata?

Fans of the series are super excited to see what happens next in the Odawara Pike’s Peak race. Kanata is in the qualifying round, and people want to know how the story will unfold in the next episode. That’s why they’re eagerly waiting for MF Ghost Episode 3.

Recap of MF Ghost Episode 2

In the last episode, Kanata is trying hard to qualify for the race. He’s also got an AI-controlled drone watching over him. Everyone is watching him closely, especially the commentator, Yoji Tanaka.

Mr. and Mrs. Saionji are watching the race from their home. Mr. Saionji notices that Kanata is racing under the name “Katagiri,” which surprises him. He thought it should be “Rivington.” Mayuko suggests that it might be a message to his missing father.

(Credits: Crunchyroll)

Mr. Saionji is shocked that Kanata still wants to find his father, even though he abandoned his family. This emotional moment makes Mayuko cry, and she leaves the room.

MF Ghost Episode 3: What to Expect

During the race, Ogata and Aiba take a closer look at Kanata’s car. Aiba thinks that Kanata might be at a disadvantage because his car still has a manual transmission, while others have superior paddle shifters.

But here’s the twist: Kanata goes from 86th place to 53rd place in a short time. Aiba and the commentators are puzzled. They initially thought it was a computer error, but it turns out that Kanata’s car has caught the system’s attention. This doesn’t happen often, and the last time was with Michael Beckenbauer.

Release Date of MF Ghost Episode 3

You can catch MF Ghost Episode 3 on Monday, October 16, 2023. Get ready for more racing action and surprises in the next episode!

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