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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 154: Alice Spies on Ijin

In this chapter, Alice is on a mission to spy on Ijin, a skillful high school student. She’s been curious about him since they met at a party.

Alice’s Dilemma

Alice’s task is to observe what’s happening in SW, but she doesn’t like it. She can’t be careless or she’ll get caught. Ijin is really good at noticing when someone is watching him.

Credits: Naver

Getting to Know Alice

This chapter focuses on Alice’s perspective, but we still don’t know much about her. We’ll learn more in the upcoming chapters. Meanwhile, Ijin is spending time with Shin Yeon-ah, and nothing significant has happened recently.

What’s Coming Next?

We haven’t seen Ijin in action for a while, but he might soon have a fight with Alice. The story is still setting up, and the next chapter will feature Ijin taking a walk with Shin Yeon-ah.

Credits: Naver

Release Date for Chapter 154

If you’re eager for the next chapter of “Mercenary Enrollment,” it’s set to be released on Saturday, September 16, 2023, PT.

Recap of Chapter 153

Chapter 153 started with a fight between Alice and Ijin. People were worried, not for Ijin, but because they knew he wouldn’t hold back. The fight was intense, and Alice’s performance impressed some onlookers like Shin Jiye.

What to Expect in Chapter 154

In the next chapter, Alice will likely continue her quest to understand Ijin’s fighting skills. However, Ijin is becoming suspicious of her, and he might catch her in the act of spying.

So, stay tuned for “Mercenary Enrollment” Chapter 154 on September 16, 2023!

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