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Materialistic Princess Chapter 38: The Treasure Hunt Party

The Party Gossip

At the upcoming release of Chapter 38 of “Materialistic Princess,” things are heating up. At a recent party, some guys were saying unkind things about Reize and Rose. They accused them of being frauds, which really got on their nerves.

Why? Because Reize and Rose managed to acquire a powerful spear, and now readers are eager to see if Rose will step up to protect her brother and herself from these guys in Chapter 38.

Reize and Rose’s Meeting

Reize and Rose met up at the palace. Reize complimented Rose on her looks, but he was also annoyed with his friend Anoch. Anoch had initially asked Reize to attend the party with him, but then he swiped Reize’s invitation.

Reize was puzzled by Anoch’s actions. Anoch explained that he did it to ensure Reize completed his training on time, and he attended the party on Reize’s behalf. Rose finally understood why Anoch had gone to the party instead of her brother.

The Contract Dilemma

Reize pointed out that it didn’t make sense for Anoch to come to the party since he couldn’t sign a contract with a level spirit in just one morning. Anoch reminded him that he still attended because he could sign the contract; otherwise, Leonard wouldn’t have sent him.

Surprising Revelation

During the party, a girl approached Rose, shocked by Reize’s status as a four-level spiritist. She wanted to confirm if they were talking about a four-level spirit. Rose corrected her, saying it was a top-level spirit. This revelation surprised the girl because top-level spirits were exceedingly rare.

Rose was baffled by this new information about Reize. She knew he was talented, but this level of power wasn’t part of the original story. She wondered if the plot was deviating from the original narrative, which posed challenges for her.

Credit: Kakao Page

The Party’s Purpose

As the party was about to begin, everyone learned that the evening’s plan was to find hidden treasures throughout the dance halls and gardens, including some rare ones. Excitement filled the air as they prepared for the treasure hunt.

Splitting Up

Rose suggested that Reize explore the hall, while she took charge of the garden, assuming it held more treasures. Anoch decided to follow Rose, explaining that it would be risky if they got separated. Selena joined them, eager to hunt for treasure as well.

The Treasure Hunt

As they began their search, Rose wondered if everything would be okay with Selena and Anoch by her side. Not much had happened so far. She tried not to overthink it. To their surprise, Selena discovered the first treasure: the queen’s rose, a valuable necklace.

Other girls approached them, offering to buy it at triple the price. Rose was surprised as she had only found seemingly useless items. With just fifteen minutes left, she focused on the treasure hunt.

Release Date for Chapter 38

“Materialistic Princess Chapter 38” is set to be released on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Don’t miss it!

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