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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 27: Jinha’s Dungeon Challenge

In this chapter, Jinha is going into a dungeon mission by himself. He wants to prove that he can do it alone, and he made a bet with Hayeon. If he doesn’t come in first place, he’ll join her guild. But if he wins without any help, Hayeon has to reveal her stats because Jinha suspects she’s really powerful.

Jinha needs her help to improve his own abilities. And guess what? He’s the main character, so he’s likely to succeed.

The Story Setup

The story has all the usual elements: Jinha, the super strong main character, Seah, the cute kid who needs protection, Hayeon, the beautiful female leader, and a tomboy character. It’s a typical setup.

If you’re wondering when the next chapter of “Martial God Regressed to Level 2” will be out, we’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about the release date and some spoilers.

Release Date

Chapter 27 is set to be released on September 18, 2023.

Credits: Kakao

What’s Going on in the Story

The story is like a game, and right now, it’s easy because it’s like a tutorial. But things will get tough later on.

There’s also a chair that can lessen pain, but Jinha doesn’t use it. He prefers to feel all the pain himself.


Jinha won’t be joining Hayeon’s guild. He wants to create his own guild and needs Hayeon’s unique gift for that. So, she’s going to end up in his guild as the Guild Master.

We’re also wondering who else will join his guild. Probably the footballer we saw earlier. Seah’s birthday is coming up, and we’ll find out what gift she gets. She needs to turn 18 to receive a special nurturing gift.

So, get ready for Chapter 27 on September 18, 2023!

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