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“Made in Abyss Manga: A Journey into the Abyss”

The Story of Riko, a Brave Orphan
The manga is about Riko, a young orphan who dreams of exploring the Abyss, a mysterious and dangerous chasm deep in the earth. Riko and her friends venture into the Abyss, where they encounter strange creatures, deadly traps, and the mysteries of the Abyss’s past.

Why People Love It
People love this manga because it creates a dark and mysterious world, has complex characters, and talks about mature themes. It’s so popular that it even became an anime series, introducing more people to the story.

Current Status of Made in Abyss Manga
As of August 2023, the “Made in Abyss” manga is still ongoing and has released 66 chapters. Akihito Tsukushi wrote and illustrated it, and it has been available digitally since 2012. The latest volume was published in Japan in July 2023.

A Break for the Author
In August 2023, the author, Akihito Tsukushi, announced a break from the manga due to health reasons. He plans to continue working on the manga when he feels better, but he hasn’t given a specific timeline.

English Translation and Future Volumes
The English translation of the manga is published by Seven Seas Entertainment. The release of the twelfth English volume is scheduled for April 10, 2024.

Made in Abyss (Credits: Seven Seas Entertainment)

Where the Story Is Now
The story is at a crucial point where Riko and her friends have reached the Sixth Layer of the Abyss, known as the “Idofront.” It’s the most dangerous part of the Abyss, home to powerful and terrifying creatures. Riko and her friends are determined to go deeper but will face challenges like powerful creatures, traps, and the Abyss’s mysterious curse.

Mysteries and Speculations
Fans are speculating about a collection of “hariyomori” revealed in Chapter 66. Some believe it’s a relic made from a human, and the song of the hariyomori was once a person who wanted others to reach the 7th layer. Others think that a relic Riko found in her mother’s things is a piece of this collection.

There’s also discussion about the role of the whistle organization in all of this. Fans believe they knew what the relic was and that Riko is key to solving its mysteries. Fans are excited to see what happens next.

The Ending of Made in Abyss
Fans hope for a happy ending but are prepared for a tragic one. They know the author isn’t afraid to kill off characters, so they’re ready for anything.

Author’s Plans
Akihito Tsukushi hasn’t revealed the manga’s ending, but he has a general idea of how it will end. He wants to take his time to finish the story the best way possible. The slow release schedule means the series will continue for several more years, but it could end sooner if he speeds up the story.

In Conclusion
“Made in Abyss” manga is still ongoing, and we can’t predict when it will end. However, Tsukushi has a plan for the series finale. Fans can look forward to more adventure and excitement in the coming years.

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