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Home » Mad Daoist Son-In-Law Chapter 10 Wang Qing Picks Up Qin Dong from Police Station

Mad Daoist Son-In-Law Chapter 10 Wang Qing Picks Up Qin Dong from Police Station

In Chapter 10 of “Mad Daoist Son-In-Law,” we find Wang Qing picking up Qin Dong from the police station. Qin Dong had gotten into trouble after using Taoist martial arts techniques to fight off more than seven people, despite being injured.

Chief Zhang’s Witness Account

Chief Zhang witnessed the altercation and decided to take Qin Dong into custody to give him some time to recover. Additionally, Chief Zhang was curious about an accident involving his niece, and Qin Dong believed it was caused by a spirit.

Skepticism and Evidence

Initially skeptical of Qin Dong’s claims about the spirit, Chief Zhang eventually agrees to review surveillance footage with specific timestamps. The footage reveals that something indeed pushed his niece, but the identity of the entity remains unclear.

Credits: Ac.qq

Taking Action

Convinced by the evidence, Chief Zhang asks Qin Dong for guidance on the next steps. Qin Dong emphasizes the need for immediate action, as the evil spirit may return to harm the young girl.

“Mad Daoist Son-In-Law” Series Recap

The “Mad Daoist Son-In-Law” series follows the story of Qin Dong, a martial artist who was reborn in the modern world after a fierce battle in the past. He now inhabits a weak host’s body and faces numerous challenges, including an unhappy marriage with the Bai Family’s daughter, who wants a divorce.

Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter, Qin Dong concluded that a malevolent spirit was targeting Chief Zhang’s niece. Chief Zhang initially doubted this claim but changed his mind after reviewing surveillance footage. Qin Dong also learned about the niece’s troubled past.

Chapter 10 Release Date

“Mad Daoist Son-In-Law” Chapter 10 is set to release on Friday, September 15, 2023, at midnight KST. Fans are eager to see what discussions will unfold between the estranged couple in the upcoming chapter and whether Qin Dong can dispel the evil spirit threatening Chief Zhang’s niece.

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