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Luna and Friends Visit Alyssa in the New Episode 5

Luna and her friends are coming over to see Alyssa in the new episode! They’ll talk about old memories, but everyone’s most excited to meet Viola’s new little friend. That’s why people can’t wait for Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijou Episode 5.

Luna’s Excitement and Mama Bear’s Rules

Luna was super excited and hungry as soon as she arrived at Alyssa’s house. She brought her whole family, but Alyssa said no kids allowed today. She offered to send some apple pie home instead, but Luna thought Alyssa was just being protective as always, so she didn’t argue. The kids had to go back.

Giriko’s Magical Memory Book

Giriko brought a magical memory book as a gift. Apparently, the witches can relive memories by opening it and using a bit of magic. Viola was really happy but couldn’t help but laugh when she asked if they had regular old photo albums back in the day.

Recap of Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijou Episode 4

In the previous episode, we learned that they didn’t even have photos back then. Viola got to see her mom as a cute little kid and joked that Alyssa must’ve been popular. Luna assured her that nothing bad happened to her. Viola said if Alyssa were her daughter, she’d worry a lot!

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We also saw Luna doing fortune-telling with cards, Giriko making small magic gadgets, and even Alyssa doing some gardening. Viola thought the flowers were blooming because her auntie was so cute!

One thing is clear from this magical memory trip – Viola’s aunts have been close friends for a very long time. They’ve always had each other’s backs through thick and thin.

Viola’s Love for Chickens

When Viola mentioned her love for chickens, her aunts were quick to help. They convinced Phoenix to join in and found some baby pictures that nobody knew existed! These ladies have more secrets than a bag of spilled marbles. It makes you wonder what other embarrassing pictures of Phoenix they have hidden away.

Alyssa’s Past and Viola’s Sickness

It turns out that Alyssa used to be the meek one of the group when they were younger. She was really skinny, and Luna and Giriko protected her from bullies and monsters under the bed. She needed Luna and Giriko to watch over her siblings too. That’s what best friends do – they help you out of trouble.

In the next episode, Viola falls ill with a bad fever, and she’s usually never sick! Alyssa takes care of her, but Viola is not happy with bedrest and medicine. She’s cranky. Finding out that Phoenix can’t die while she’s feeling sick just upsets her more!

What’s Next?

The chicken soup pot is empty, and Mama has to go get the ingredients. Will Alyssa make it back in time before Viola gets better? Or will this rare illness take down even the strongest little chickadee around? Stay tuned for the next episode on Sunday, October 29, 2023. This sickness is still here!

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