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Home » Lookism Chapter 477: ‘Goo Kim Challenges’ Release Date & Recap

Lookism Chapter 477: ‘Goo Kim Challenges’ Release Date & Recap

In the Previous Chapter: Tom Lee’s Mysterious Past Unveiled

The story kicks off with Tom Lee, a mysterious figure known as the Ultimate King. He talks about his prosthetic hand, emphasizing that he didn’t lose it in an accident. Goo Kim challenges Tom Lee’s claim, leading to a heated exchange that exposes their resentments and power struggles. The conversation unveils the dark past of the Ultimate King and the ongoing power struggle between these formidable characters.

Clues and Confrontations: Uncovering a Key Encounter

During their conversation, clues to a crucial prior encounter surface, raising questions about the missing hand and the purpose behind their battle. Tom Lee is strategically preparing to reclaim his title as the Ultimate King, setting the stage for future historic moments. Meanwhile, Ahjusshi and Goo Kim engage in a separate conversation, hinting at a long-standing rivalry filled with humor and recognition of each other’s strengths.

Lookism Chapter 476 Recap: Secrets Revealed and Power Struggles Unfold

In Chapter 476, the suspenseful journey continues as secrets are revealed, and clashes between important characters intensify. Tom Lee surprises everyone by admitting to using a fake hand, concealing it for unclear reasons. The chapter delves into Tom Lee’s power struggles and turbulent history as the Ultimate King.

(Credits: Naver)

Lookism Chapter 477: Release Date and What to Expect

The upcoming Chapter 477 promises more intense moments. Goo Kim challenges Tom Lee’s assertion, leading to a heated exchange that exposes the Ultimate King’s brutal acts against the Beggar King. Tension mounts as hints of an enigmatic incident from their past, coinciding with Tom Lee’s hand loss, come to light. Ahjusshi and Goo Kim, despite their rivalry, share a humorous moment in a different setting, contemplating the repercussions of their upcoming altercation.

Jinyoung Park’s Seizures and Unraveling Plot Twists

Flashbacks of Gapryong Kim’s passing and her interactions with Dongsu Choi cause Jinyoung Park to experience seizures. Section Chief Sera Shin of the White Tiger Job Center offers insights into Jinyoung Park’s predicament, revealing issues with secrets, family ties, and the protagonist’s dual identity. As the chapter concludes, Jinyoung Park wakes up in a strange location surrounded by people from the White Tiger Job Center.

(Credits: Naver)

Lookism Chapter 477 Release Date: Mark Your Calendar

Lookism Chapter 477 is scheduled for release on November 30, 2023. Get ready for a continuation of the intricate and captivating tale, where pasts gradually come to light, building suspense for the next chapter in this compelling story.

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