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Look Alike Daughter Chapter 28 Release Date

Gil So-Myeong’s Troubled Life

Gil So-Myeong used to have a perfect family. Her parents were successful, and she had a cute little brother. But one day, her father disappeared, and everything changed.

Her Mother’s Transformation

Her mother changed drastically. It was like she was a different person. She started making Gil So-Myeong strive for perfection. She made her study all the time, didn’t let her have fun with friends, and even banned candies, even though Gil was just 13.

Her Brother’s Tragic Fate

Things got worse over time. Her mother became obsessed with controlling everything. She even kicked her own son out for playing video games. Then one day, her brother was found dead under a frozen lake. Gil was the one who found him.

Suspicion Grows

Something didn’t add up. Her brother hadn’t drowned; he smelled like apple juice. Gil became sure her mother had killed him, maybe with poison or choking. Her mother kept destroying evidence.

Credits: Naver Webtoons

Preparing for Revenge

Gil quietly prepared for revenge against her own mother.

About Look-Alike Daughter

“Look-Alike Daughter” is a Korean webcomic written and drawn by YIDAHM. It’s a mix of horror, mystery, psychological, and school life genres. It first came out in 2021 on Naver Webtoon but isn’t available in English yet.

Chapter 28 Release Date

The exciting news is that Look-Alike Daughter Chapter 28 is expected to be released on September 15, 2023, which is a Friday.

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