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Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 Release Date

In a few weeks, we’ll have a new chapter of “Living As The Enemy Prince” to enjoy! This exciting story follows the adventures of a prince who’s been reborn in a different land.

The Story So Far

Bern was once the ruler of Secritia, a powerful nation protected by spirits. They possessed a special artifact called the “Axis of Time,” which could turn back time and let its owner redo things. When word got out about this incredible weapon, chaos erupted as everyone wanted it.

 (Credits: Ridibook)

One of the countries eager to seize this power was Kairis. Kairis was a bigger and older nation, blessed by dragons. With their sheer numbers, they defeated Secritia, and Bern met an honorable end in the final battle. But that wasn’t the end of his story. Bern suddenly found himself reborn as Callian Rayn Kairis, the third Prince of Kairis, and he was born ten years before the war that destroyed his homeland.

This miraculous reincarnation made Kairis realize that the Axis of Time had been used to alter time’s course, giving him a chance to save Secritia.

About “Living As The Enemy Prince”

“Living As The Enemy Prince” is a Korean web comic written by Ja Seo Hyeon and illustrated by Surreuk Comics. It falls under the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy. The series started in 2023 and is published by RidiBooks. You can also find it in the Surreuk Comics magazine, and it’s available in English through Manta.

Recap of Chapter 17

In the previous chapter, Prince Planta acted disrespectfully towards Callian, which led to a deal between the Queen and King. This deal worked in Callian’s favor, earning him the support of nobles and other powerful figures. As part of this support, Callian received a unique gift—a living flower. This gift sparked an idea in Callian’s mind.

Callian devised a plan in his room, where he poured the poisoned tea onto the plant. When the tea’s poison took effect and the plant withered away, Callian had the evidence he needed to uncover the person behind the poisonings.

Chapter 18 Release Date

Get ready for the next exciting chapter! “Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18” is expected to be released on Saturday, September 23, 2023. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more adventures in this captivating story!

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