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Home » Lion Heart Chapter 42: Yihan’s Love Confession Delayed

Lion Heart Chapter 42: Yihan’s Love Confession Delayed

Yihan Cancels Dinner Plans

In this chapter of Lion Heart, Yihan’s confession to Haejun faces another delay when she cancels their dinner date. This could lead to more misunderstandings between them.

Fake Dating and Misunderstandings

Yihan and Haejun’s relationship began as a fake dating arrangement to help Haejun with her transplant center funding. However, Yihan has developed genuine feelings for Haejun. Like in many romance stories, misunderstandings and miscommunication are causing complications in their relationship. But don’t worry, a dramatic confession is in store for us soon!

Yihan’s Reputation and Rumors

Yihan is known as a reserved and cold person, and there are false and absurd rumors circulating about him.

Haejun’s Situation

Credits: Kakaopage

Haejun is a compassionate and determined doctor who cares deeply for her patients. She only started dating Yihan because she needed funds for her transplant center, which faced financial trouble due to a patient running away.

Chapter 42 Release Date and Recap

The release date for Lion Heart Chapter 42 is Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

Chapter 41 Recap

In the previous chapter, Yihan’s brother, Seo Yuhan, teased him about the hospital rumors and asked if he should intervene. Yihan wasn’t bothered by the rumors, as he cared more about how Haejun saw him than what others said. Yuhan sensed something was off and asked if something had happened between Yihan and Haejun. He wondered if Yihan planned to confess his feelings.

Yihan’s Dinner Plans

Yihan had invited Haejun to dinner to express his feelings, but he anxiously awaited her reply. When Haejun came to Yihan’s office to talk, he also had something to say but held back when he saw she was busy. Sadly, Haejun had to cancel their dinner plans because of something important she had to do, leaving Yihan feeling disheartened.

Stay tuned for Chapter 42 to see what happens next in this romantic drama!

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