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Ling Ce’s Unexpected Wedding in The Game That I Came From Chapter 213

In The Game That I Came From Chapter 213, Ling Ce, a gamer, is in for a big surprise during a wedding ceremony. He thought he was attending an alliance ceremony between his guild, Thousand Autumn, and Divine Wolf Guild. But when he arrived, he was shocked to see Hao Xiaoye in a wedding dress, calling him her fiancé. Ling Ce had no idea that Hao Xiaoye misunderstood his intentions and thought he was proposing to her.

[Credits: Kuaikan]

Some other guild members knew that Xiaoye had a tendency to misunderstand things, but they never expected things to go this far. Even the Guildmaster of Divine Wolf Guild had sent out romantic invitations, but Ling Ce didn’t think much of it.

Ling Ce admired Xiaoye’s bravery for taking on the Thousand Autumn Guild without hesitation. Little did he know that the Thousand Autumn Guild was already planning their next move, and one of their assassins had come to assess Ling Ce.

[Credits: Kuaikan]

“The Game That I Came From” is an action fantasy and adventure story about a gamer who ends up in the past. In this chapter, we’ll talk about Chapter 213’s release date, recap the previous chapter, and tell you where to read the manhua.

Chapter 212 Recap:
In the previous chapter, Ling Ce visited Divine Wolf Guild to propose an alliance. Hao Xiaoye enthusiastically agreed to his proposal, leaving Ling Ce impressed by her courage. However, Xiaoye misunderstood and believed Ling Ce was pursuing her romantically.

Ling Ce drafted an Alliance Agreement, but Xiaoye thought it was a marriage contract. She saw him as a romance novel hero, and after signing the agreement, the alliance between Penumbra and Divine Wolf was formed. This took everyone by surprise, as they were negotiating with Thousand Autumn Guild.

[Credits: Kuaikan]

Hao Xiaoye invited Ling Ce to the Alliance Agreement Party, and his friends found it peculiar. Meanwhile, Thousand Autumn Guild was impressed by Ling Ce’s ability to ally with Divine Wolf.

Chapter 213 Release Date:
“The Game That I Came From” Chapter 213 will be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

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