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Lies Become You Chapter 67: The Truth Unveiled

In this chapter of “Lies Become You,” the main characters, a guy and a girl, are arguing because they’ve been hiding things from each other. They’re both con artists and have never been honest with each other. The drama between them is bound to happen because they’ve reached a point where they can’t keep their secrets anymore.

But what’s interesting is that they both believe their manipulative actions are justified. They use logic to convince themselves and others that they’re right, even though it’s clear they’re both wrong. Still, they find reasons to justify each other’s actions.

This divide between them is what makes the series intriguing. It’s not about who’s good or bad; it’s about who can outmaneuver the other and come out on top. Think of it like a battle of wits, similar to “Love is War,” but without the humor and side characters.

Chapter 67: The Turning Point

In Chapter 66, two characters in the series act like they know everything that’s happening in the world and are waiting for the main male and female leads to make decisions. They could have played a more active role, but they chose not to.

Credits: Ridi BOoks

The witch character is upset that the male lead wasn’t honest and was being arrogant. She thinks if he had just been truthful, the drama that’s been building up could have been avoided.

Chapter 67: What’s Next?

In the upcoming Chapter 67, the female lead will have to deal with the male lead’s persuasive nature. He’s not ready to let her go, even though they’re both pretty flawed characters—one focused on money and the other on her goals. Despite their flaws, they’re somehow meant for each other. The story is about them finding common ground and being honest with each other.

Apart from their constant arguments, there isn’t much else happening in the series. However, it seems like the male lead is being portrayed as the “bad guy” because he’s the one who’s been dishonest with the female lead. She might scam and lie to others, but she hasn’t done that to him, so she’s the one feeling wronged.

Release Date

You can expect Chapter 67 of “Lies Become You” to be released on September 16, 2023.

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