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Leveling Up By Only Eating Chapter 149 Coming Soon

“Leveling Up, By Only Eating!” is an exciting manga that combines fantasy, adventure, and shounen elements. It’s about Kang Minhyuk, a man with a serious illness who has to eat a lot to stay healthy. Despite his efforts to diet and exercise, his weight remains a health risk. To cure him, his doctor introduces him to a virtual reality game called Athenae, where he can eat as much as he wants without real-world consequences.

The Delicious Virtual Adventure

In Athenae, every food tastes real, from crispy fried chicken to mouthwatering Samgyetang. But there’s a catch – getting these virtual feasts isn’t easy. Minhyuk has to embark on an extraordinary gourmet adventure in the game, facing challenges and foes.

Chapter 148 Recap

In Chapter 148, we see Alisha, a wizard in the game, using a sword for the first time instead of her usual spells. This change surprises players and adds depth to the gaming world. Alisha’s goal is to obtain the “Amesone device” and the famous “Ish level,” which players admire for their power and status. She’s breaking the mold by choosing to use a sword, adding a new dimension to her character.

A New Quest for Alisha

Credits: Tapas

Alisha’s journey doesn’t stop at leveling up and getting better gear; she also wants to become a “Knight of England” to excel in sword proficiency. Her appreciation for Minhyuk, who opened this new path for her, adds complexity to the story. The action heats up as Alisha and her companions prepare to face a formidable foe named Siegfried, who possesses a deadly attack called “Instant Death.”

The Climactic Battle

As the battle intensifies, players become anxious about Siegfried’s “Instant Death” attack, which has a 50% chance of success. Unexpectedly, Minhyuk joins the fight and skillfully defeats his enemies. Alisha thanks him but realizes not to take his help for granted. The chapter ends with the revelation of a powerful and mysterious skill.

Chapter 149 Release Date

Chapter 149, releasing on September 19, 2023, promises to continue the thrilling journey of “Leveling Up, By Only Eating!” Alisha’s newfound sword skills and the mysteries of the game world will keep readers engaged and eager for more.

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