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Kota Bommali PS Review

Bottom Line: A Faithful Remake

Our Rating: 2.5/5 | Censor Rating: U/A | Duration: 2h 18m

What’s the Movie About?

The story revolves around Ramakrishna (Srikanth), Ravi (Rahul Ravi), and Kumari (Shivani), who are cops running away from Kotabommali PS. The movie explores why they are on the run, who is after them, and how it all concludes.


Srikanth takes on a well-written central role and delivers with sincerity, carrying the movie from start to finish. Rahul Vijay also impresses, though there could be improvements in certain areas. Shivani, in her role, handles drama well, despite occasional over-the-top moments.


Teja Marni directs Kota Bommali PS, a remake of the acclaimed Malayalam movie Nayattu. The film succeeds in capturing the essence while adapting it to the Telugu setting. The narrative takes time to unfold but provides enough moments to engage the audience in the small world of the police and politics. The plot intensifies as the police are on the run, creating a gripping cat-and-mouse scenario. The movie stays focused on capturing the cops without deviation, with the political backdrop adding to the tension.

Second Half and Climax:

The second half lacks the energy of the first, especially in the half-hour before the interval. However, there is sufficient drama to keep the audience engaged. The story revolves around how the cops will escape their predicament, leading to a simple yet fitting resolution. While mostly faithful to the original, the climax caters to the sensibilities of the Telugu audience.

Performances by Other Actors:

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Murali Sharma play significant roles. Murali Sharma shines as a typical politician, stealing the show towards the end. Varalakshmi delivers a reliable performance as a smart and decisive police officer. Other supporting actors play their roles well, despite limited screen time.

Music and Other Departments:

Ranjin Raj’s music is minimal, but the background score effectively elevates the movie’s intensity. Cinematography captures the topography well, and sharp editing keeps the pace. The writing effectively conveys the drama and message.


  • Srikanth’s performance
  • Engaging story and climax


  • Cinematic changes
  • Casting could be improved
  • Slower progression in the second half

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