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Kono Setsugen De Kimi Ga Zutto Waratte Irareru You Ni Chapter 4

Fans of the series are eager to learn more about the character Muku and what’s in store for the future of the story. They’re also curious about what new elements will be introduced in the upcoming chapters of the romance drama, “Kono Setsugen De Kimi Ga Zutto Waratte Irareru You Ni Chapter 4.”

Release Date and Story Overview

We’re going to reveal the release date of Chapter 4 and take a closer look at the overall series to predict its future. We’ll also share fan expectations and spoilers for the next chapter, along with a reading guide.

Chapter 4: Muku and Yuto’s Childhood Friendship

In this chapter, we explore the early friendship between Muku and Yuto in South Echizen Town. They were very close friends, and Yuto even declared that playing with Muku was his favorite thing. When Muku’s mother called her home, Yuto wanted her to stay, and he even invited Muku and Inori Chan to live with them so they could be together all the time. Saku Chan, the older friend, questioned their intelligence, and this led to some interesting conversations.

CC: Shogakukan

Memories of Carefree Childhood

As the chapter progresses, we learn that Muku cherished their carefree childhood days, believing they could be together forever. However, circumstances changed when Yuto and Sakuto moved to Tokyo, and Muku’s father tragically passed away during winter.

A Life-Altering Revelation

Muku’s mother shared a significant revelation with her: they would be moving to her grandfather’s house in town and leaving the beautiful mountains behind. This marked the end of Muku’s childhood innocence.

Muku’s Current Situation

Jumping forward 100 years, we see Muku as a 21-year-old woman traveling on a train. She’s feeling frustrated because the company she applied to has rejected her job application. She believes she failed the interview and dreads the prospect of traveling to the next town for another job opportunity.

An Unusual Encounter

During her train ride, Muku encounters a peculiar individual sitting next to her. This person is talking to himself while working on his laptop. Muku thinks that anyone working intensely may appear intimidating.

Chapter 4 Release Date

Fans can look forward to reading “Kono Setsugen De Kimi Ga Zutto Waratte Irareru You Ni Chapter 4” on October 9, 2023.

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