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Kim Guides Michigan State to 31-7 Victory Over Central Michigan

In a football game on Friday night, Noah Kim did a great job as the leader of Michigan State. He threw the football for 279 yards and scored two touchdowns, helping Michigan State win 31-7 against Central Michigan.

At the start of the game, the Spartans (1-0) were a bit slow because Kim was new to starting as the quarterback. There were some mistakes with the throws and dropped catches. But as the game went on, they got better with accurate passes, important catches, and strong defense.

The coach of Michigan State, Mel Tucker, thought that Kim was just a bit nervous at the beginning of the game.

Nathan Carter, who came to Michigan State from Connecticut, scored a crucial 2-yard touchdown run just before the first half ended. He finished the game with 113 yards from 18 carries.

Central Michigan (0-1) was ahead 7-3 in the first half after Bert Emanuel Jr. threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Chris Parker. However, they made a mistake on the next possession, giving up an 84-yard drive that ended in a touchdown in less than a minute, and they couldn’t recover.

Jim McElwain, the coach of Central Michigan, said, “We had a chance, but Michigan State took advantage of our mistake, and in the second half, we couldn’t get back in the game.”

Noah Kim, who started with 2 completions out of 7 attempts for only 6 yards, improved his game. He made a crucial 32-yard pass to Jaron Glover, and then a 33-yard pass to set up Carter’s touchdown, giving Michigan State a 10-7 lead.

Kim, who has been playing as the quarterback for four years now, completed 18 out of 31 passes. He threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Tyrell Henry and an 8-yard pass to Maliq Carr for another touchdown, making the score 31-7 in the fourth quarter.

Kim said, “Once we got going, we played really well.”

On the other side, Bert Emanuel Jr. completed 11 out of 17 passes for 87 yards, and he scored a touchdown but also threw an interception. The interception was caught by the standout linebacker Cal Haladay.

Coach McElwain mentioned, “Offensively, we didn’t do well, and we didn’t give our defense much of a chance because we had some possessions that were too short, and Michigan State took advantage of that.”

Bert Emanuel, the father of Bert Emanuel Jr., used to be a wide receiver in the NFL and scored 28 career touchdown receptions.

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