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“Kengan Omega Chapter 227: Arashiyama vs. Kanoh Fight Continues!”

In this chapter, we’ll see the ongoing battle between Arashiyama and Kanoh Agito. The fight started with Kanoh having the advantage, but things changed quickly at the end of the last chapter, with Arashiyama making a comeback.

The Intense Fight:
Kanoh got hurt badly after Arashiyama suplexed him, a risky move. Arashiyama then used a naked choke on Kanoh, causing even more damage. It’s still uncertain who will win, as Kanoh, despite his injuries, might make a comeback.

The Stakes:
Arashiyama can’t afford to lose because he has Onada Ikkai waiting for him in the next round. Beating Kanoh won’t be easy, even though he’s currently injured. Kanoh is a formidable opponent who could bounce back.

Credits: Comickey

Chapter 226 Recap:
The chapter began with a fierce battle between Arashiyama and Kanoh. Kanoh launched an aggressive attack, but Arashiyama defended himself well, although he was being pushed back. When Arashiyama tried to strike, Kanoh evaded and grabbed his neck, choking him. Kanoh, one of Kengan’s strongest fighters, displayed his power. Despite the chokehold, Arashiyama fought back, even smashing their heads into the ground, although Kanoh’s position gave him the upper hand.

Chapter 227 Speculation:
Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available for Chapter 227 yet. However, it’s possible that Arashiyama will emerge victorious because of his unwavering determination. Arashiyama seems more determined to win than Kanoh. The anticipation for the upcoming match featuring Onada Ikkai is also building.

Release Date:
Kengan Omega Chapter 227 is set to be released on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. Remember, new chapters are released weekly. If you’re eager to read it, mark your calendar for the release date!

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