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Kei’s Quest for the Goblin’s Orb in Legendary Ranker’s Comeback Chapter 39

Legendary Ranker’s Comeback is an exciting action fantasy manhwa filled with magic, monsters, and a leveling-up system similar to Solo Leveling. In this chapter, Kei is on a mission to obtain the Goblin’s Orb and increase his King’s Dignity to save children’s souls. Meanwhile, a team of hunters faces unexpected challenges in Lotte World, leading to a tense situation.

Section 1: Kei’s Mission for the Goblin’s Orb

In this section, we’ll dive into Kei’s quest to retrieve the Goblin’s Orb and why it’s essential for him.

  • The Quest Begins:
    Kei heads to Lotte World in Jamsil, aiming to find the Goblin’s Orb to restore children’s souls. Unfortunately, he can’t do it without the Goblin’s Hor items.
  • King’s Dignity:
    Kei learns from a helpful Goblin that he must increase his King’s Dignity to access the Goblin Headspace and save the children’s souls properly.
  • Ji Sangsoo’s Wisdom:
    Ji Sangsoo shares insights with Kei on how to obtain and boost the Goblin’s Horn, a crucial step in his quest.

Section 2: Hunters in Trouble

This section covers the unexpected predicament faced by a team of hunters in Lotte World.

  • Hunters Stranded:
    A team of hunters finds themselves trapped in Lotte World, surrounded by monsters. This situation is puzzling since there should be no monsters around, especially without a dungeon nearby.
  • Weapon-Wielding Monsters:
    The hunters are in even more danger as the monsters are armed, making their escape incredibly challenging. They suspect it’s a trap.
  • Protecting Lotte World:
    The team leader realizes the danger and decides to prevent anyone from entering Lotte World. However, Kei’s determination to obtain the Goblin’s Orb might complicate matters.
Credits: Naver

Section 3: What to Expect in Chapter 39

This section provides insights into what readers can anticipate in Chapter 39 of Legendary Ranker’s Comeback.

  • Series Recap:
    A brief recap of the manhwa’s premise, where a virtual game becomes reality, and Kei’s journey as the Goblin King.
  • Government’s Role:
    Kei learns about the government’s existence and its connection to the Ark, which is in dire need of supplies due to lizardmen blockades.
  • Children’s Souls Preserved:
    Kei’s concern for the children’s souls is addressed, but returning them proves to be a complex task in the Goblin Headspace.

Release date

Legendary Ranker’s Comeback Chapter 39 is set to be released on September 13, 2023, at midnight KST. Readers are eager to see how Kei handles the challenges in Lotte World and whether he can obtain the elusive Goblin’s Orb. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the manhwa!

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