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“Karina’s Quest for Love – Chapter 11: A Twist at the Banquet”

In this exciting chapter of the Romance Transmigration Manhwa, Karina finds herself in a mobile game she loved. She’s now a side character always mistreated by the main character, Tatiana. Karina’s had her fair share of bad luck in love because Tatiana always steals her lovers. But Karina’s had enough!

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Even though Karina is prettier than Tatiana, Tatiana has something special about her. When Karina’s latest fiancé fell for Tatiana, Karina decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She wasn’t going to let Tatiana steal another man from her. Instead, she plans to get even with Tatiana for all the pain she’s caused.

Karina was an avid player of the game in her past life, so she knows all the game’s secrets. She’s played it multiple times and knows all the different endings, and she’s ready to use that knowledge to her advantage.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

With her father’s support and her trusty maid, Lily, Karina starts to put her plans into action. But then, something unexpected happens at the National Foundation Day Banquet.

Karina catches the eye of the Crown Prince of the Empire, Aester, who asks her out on a date. Interestingly, Aester was Tatiana’s first love and the only person in the Empire who wasn’t charmed by her. Tatiana is furious when she learns that Karina is dating the Crown Prince.

As Karina gets ready for the banquet, a mystery guest arrives, causing a stir. Aester, who is bored while waiting for Karina, can’t stop thinking about her. Duke Malfirion approaches Aester, and it’s clear something’s bothering him. It turns out he overheard Tatiana talking to Karina, revealing that her feelings for Aester are different from her other relationships. Tatiana intervenes in their conversation.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Tatiana shares that her birthday is on the same day as National Foundation Day and asks Aester to wish her a happy birthday. Aester obliges, but Tatiana wants more – she wants him to share the first dance of National Foundation Day with her. Andy tries to stop her, but it’s too late. Aester coldly tells Tatiana to leave him out of her drama.

Tatiana, known for her charm, couldn’t work her magic on Aester. Some believe Tatiana might be using magic, but nothing is confirmed. Aester puts Tatiana in her place, but it’s uncertain whether she’ll learn her lesson.

As we eagerly await Chapter 11, it’s clear that things are heating up in this intriguing story. Stay tuned for the next installment, expected to be released around September 17, 2023

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