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Kagurabachi Chapter 2

Hello, fellow manga fans! We’ve got some fantastic news for all you shonen readers out there. The highly anticipated manga of 2023, Kagurabachi, has just made its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans are already loving it. The excitement started building when Chapter 1 leaked a few days before the official release.

What’s Kagurabachi All About?

(Color Credits: @K1k3art on Twitter)

Kagurabachi has all the things we love in a shonen manga: stunning artwork, a cool main character, Chihiro Kunishige, on a quest for revenge, and a single parent backstory. Chihiro’s dad used to be a famous blacksmith, even more famous than the war hero himself, thanks to a beautifully crafted sword. But now, his dad is retired, and Chihiro is taking on the legacy by wielding his father’s final masterpiece.

Chapter 1 was a blast, and we can’t wait for Chapter 2! If you’re eager to know when it’ll be out and what’s in store, you’re in the right place.

When’s Kagurabachi Chapter 2 Coming Out?

(Color Credits: @K1k3art on Twitter)

In Chapter 1, we were left with some questions. There was a mysterious 38-month time skip that left Chihiro with a scar on his face and his dad hanging up his blacksmith hat. The sorcery organization seems to be the troublemakers behind it all.

Some folks think they might have done something to Chihiro’s dad, but there’s a hint that he might still be alive. Either way, whatever the organization did, it left Chihiro with a burning hatred every time he looks at that scar on his face.

What’s Chihiro’s Beef with the Sorcery Organization?

One theory is that the sorcery organization’s leader, Hishaku, might have approached Chihiro’s dad to craft a sword for him. But Chihiro’s dad, being a good guy, could’ve sensed some evil intentions and said no. So, like any typical bad organization, Hishaku might have wrecked their workshop in retaliation. This is just one theory, though; we’ll have to wait and see if it pans out.

What to Expect in Kagurabachi Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 is expected to be a thrilling 25 pages long and even features a color spread! In this chapter, we’ll likely see Chihiro getting closer to uncovering the sorcery organization’s leader, Hishaku. There could be some intense showdowns with the Yakuza, and we might finally get the scoop on what exactly went down during that 38-month time skip that changed Chihiro’s life.

Don’t Miss the Release!

Kagurabachi Chapter 2 is set to hit the shelves on Sunday, September 24, 2023. So, mark your calendars and get ready for another exciting installment in this action-packed manga series!

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